New vocal original track and troubadour gigs!

Hello! Henri here šŸ™‚Ā  I wrote and recorded a new originalĀ  track, that was sang, played, programmed, edited and mixed by me. I feel thatĀ  It’s a real challenge to record my own voice. I am foremost always a guitarist. Perhaps most of my time in music has been spent … Read More

NEW ANIME MUSIC VIDEO!! The phantom zone

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  Out now – A new music video ā€œThe phantom zoneā€! The video is a fantasy adventure, where a person is stuck in his own super dark, imaginary mind. He can only break free for a short time, in the middle section of the video. The track and video are … Read More

NEW Tracks! A creative spring!

  I have two new tracks out now. The first one is called: The love song. The other one: The Phantom Zone. I feel there is more time for creativity again, and I enjoy writing and creating new music. The first track is a radio-friendly melodic guitar instrumental AOR song. … Read More