Music composing technique

I want to show you a composing method of mine. You will have to know the basics of music to be fully able to use or understand this. The technique is not a lesson in scales, chords, modes, or how to put harmonies on a melodic idea, nor how to … Read More

NEW Tracks! A creative spring!

  I have two new tracks out now. The first one is called: The love song. The other one: The Phantom Zone. I feel there is more time for creativity again, and I enjoy writing and creating new music. The first track is a radio-friendly melodic guitar instrumental AOR song. … Read More

Touring in 2018

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  Touring in 2018 In February, I was with Taisto Guitars to Helsinki Tonefest and performed at the demo stage, That was a great experience! I met lots of people that day. I did four shows in March this year. March 17, I played together with my band H.A.B at KarhuBlues … Read More

Look at this gorgeous one!

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We are happy to announce that Henri Aalto is now a TAISTO GUITARS artist endorser! His signature model, “TAISTO GUITARS Henri Aalto V25 FR “, is built by Mr. Taisto Heinonen from Finland. The guitar features an original Floyd Rose, DiMarzio evolution pickups, cool inlays, Henri’s signature on headstock and … Read More

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