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New vocal original track and troubadour gigs!

New Vocal pop/rock song and troubadour gigs


Henri here 🙂  I wrote and recorded a new original  track, that was sang, played, programmed, edited and mixed by me. I feel that  It's a real challenge to record my own voice.

I am foremost always a guitarist. Perhaps most of my time in music has been spent playing the guitar. Therefore my vocal skills are not on a really high level, but i like singing a lot.
I like playing troubadour gigs. There's a natural emotional flow at those gigs too, that i can quite easily connect to and enjoy singing and playing classic troubadour songs for people.
Last saturday i did songs such as: Hotel California, Wind of change, Rock'n Roll all nite, All my loving, Have you ever seen the rain etc.

Back to the new track:-) I handled all guitars, bass, keys, addictive drums2, vocals and synths myself. It's very challenging, and I'll never be 100% satisfied with everything, cause i am a real perfectionist. When you are in the studio you have to make up your mind about finishing up the track, one day!
Because, when you have unlimited amount of time in your own studio, you'll easily end up overdubbing and doing re-takes for weeks on just one song!
My choice of my DAW is Cubase. I've been using that for about five years now. I used my Taisto guitars V25 Fr Henri Aalto for all electric guitar parts. It was used through three different amps and cabs: H&K Tubemeister 18 with a Blackstar cab. JCM 900 with a LANEY 4 * 12 cab. A 70's Carlsbro boosted with a RAT distortion pedal through a Marshall cab.

The vocals were recorded witha RODE NT-2 mic. The keys were played with a Yamaha moxf 6 synthesizer.


Here's the link to the song :    https://youtu.be/SGNLx1jHAsg


Soon the autumn will be here again!  Wishing you all the best !


B: Henri


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