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New vocal song!

New Vocal song!


I wrote and recorded a new vocal song. This track is all produced by me. I feel that  It's a real challenge to record my own voice.

I am mainly a guitarist therefore most of my time in music has been spent playing the guitar. Most likely my vocal skills have not been on a really high level. Tough i like singing a lot.

I handled all the instruments and the production myself. That was very challenging,because i am never 100% satisfied with anything  I do. Because i am a real perfectionist. When I am  in the studio I firstly have have to make up my mind about finishing up the track!
When I have unlimited amount of time my  own studio, I'll easily end up overdubbing and doing re-takes for weeks on just one song!
My choice of  DAW is Cubase. I've been using that for about five years now. I used my Taisto guitars V25 Fr Henri Aalto for all electric guitar parts. It was used through three different amps and cabs: H&K Tubemeister 18 with a Blackstar cab. JCM 900 with a LANEY 4 * 12 cab. A 70's Carlsbro boosted with a RAT distortion pedal through a Marshall cab.

The vocals were recorded with a RODE NT-2 mic. The keys were played with a Yamaha moxf 6 synthesizer.


Here's the link to the song :    https://youtu.be/SGNLx1jHAsg


Soon the autumn will be here again!  Wishing you all the best !


B: Henri


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  1. Rusty
    | Reply

    Thanks, it is very informative

    • Henri Aalto
      | Reply

      Thank You Rusty! I am glad that yoy found it useful!
      Best Regards Henri

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