H.A.B – Henri Aalto Band released their first music video

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H.A.B - Henri Aalto Band released their first music video

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H.A.B - Henri Aalto Band released their first music video: I Wanna Play.

I Wanna Play encapsulates the joy and pain of creation. The joy of making music takes the centre stage of the song. The energy that invigorates, and makes life worth living. Defiance, the difficulty to create space for matters that encourage, runs alongside light and joy. The requirement to isolate from the rest of the world in order to experience the elation promised by music.

The video was produced by Samuel Glassar. “I am happy to carry out complex filming, but here, I have followed a fairly simplified format.” H.A.B - Henri Aalto Band makes way for instruments, by leaving out lyrics, so that images can be freely created in the listeners’ minds. The I Wanna Play video underlines the playing of instruments. Everything comes from red, black, piano, bass, guitars and drums. Music takes the story forward. Nothing else is needed, clarifies Glassar.

H.A.B - Henri Aalto Band from Vaasa is a new name in the Finnish field of ArtRock. Johnny Nordström, Mikael Skogberg, Patrik Björni, John Franzén and Henri Aalto are members of the band. All of the songs have been composed by Henri Aalto. The band is aiming for the international markets. The opening gig shall be performed in Germany on 22nd October.


Vaasa, Finland 12th October 2016  


Additional Information:

I Wanna Play: http://bit.ly/YT_HAB_I_Wanna_Play




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