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Taisto guitars V25 FR Henri Aalto custom guitar

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Henri's NEW Guitar: TAISTO GUITARS V25 FR Henri Aalto

We are happy to announce that Henri Aalto is now a TAISTO GUITARS artist endorser! His signature model, “TAISTO GUITARS Henri Aalto V25 FR “, is built by Mr. Taisto Heinonen from Finland. The guitar features an original Floyd Rose, DiMarzio evolution pickups, cool inlays, Henri's signature on headstock and back of guitar. It is possible to split the bridge humbucker to a single coil when needed!

Henri can hardly wait to play the guitar at gigs next year! Unfortunately, he must wait for paint to dry first, at least two more weeks. Henri is going to Tonefest, Helsingin kulttuuritalo on 10.2.2018 with Taisto Heinonen. There you will have a chance to meet and see Henri and his new guitar, but also Taisto Heinonen and see his other guitar models too!

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