Can the silver guitar be tamed?

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Can the silver guitar be tamed?


The Finnish band H.A.B - Henri Aalto Band has released an epic music video: Up In Space. The video has now been nominated for awards in a total of 7 categories at the Berlin Music Video Awards BMVA. 500 million years ago a meteorite struck Sod'rfjarden. According to legend, it contained a mighty guitar. Henri Aalto, lead guitarist of the art-rock band from Finland, embarked on a search. Will he manage to tame the silver guitar?

The video makes use of key elements of the landscape of Ostrobothnia in northwest Finland. Flat countryside, lonesome barns, endless pine forests. Above it all the mountain, former site of mystical rituals, now a ski jump. What keep they people here alive – earnestness or madness? The music expands well into the space, it is metallically hard and yet at the same time soft.  

With “Up In Space”, Light Tide Productions Oy Ltd has produced the second video for H.A.B. The screenwriter and director was Samuel Glassar. “I like making videos with a complex story. The music by H.A.B – Henri Aalto Band makes it easy for me. At its core is the dialogue between the virtuoso guitar and the piano, drums and bass. There is no song. Images are conjured through listening, without being disturbed by words,” explains Glassar.

H.A.B - Henri Aalto Band comes from Vaasa in Finland. They took to the international stage in the summer of 2016. The compositions, ranging from rock and metal to blues, are attracting ever more fans in Japan and Central Europe. The band members are Johnny Nordström, piano; Mikael Skogberg, bass; Patrik Björni, drums; Henri Aalto, guitar.

To the video:

Vaasa, Finland 2.2.2017


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